Leave Management
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Leave Settings - All StepsWe have collected everything about the leave settings in one article.
Define the leave policies and typesAdd new leave policies and leave types.
Let's calculate the sections in the leave tab for your employeesLet's calculate the data in the leave tab on the employee card.
How do I create leave rules for countries, locations or fields?
How can I assign the created leave rules to the employees?
What is Timelog Management?Let's get to know the Timelog Management in the applications.
Add Leave Days Used in the Past (While You Start Using Kolay)Adding leave days to the employees for the past.
How do I create the leave approval process?You can specify the hierarchy of the approval process of leaves.
How do I select the leave type to be paid or unpaid?Choose the compensation type for a specific leave type.
How do I create not limited leave type?Employees can request this leave type unlimitedly.
How do I create leave type limited to an event?Limit the number of days that can be requested per single request each time.
How do I create a leave type limited to a year?Employees earn limited repetitive leave entitlements every year.
How do I set an overdrawn balance for a leave type?
How do I set accrual for a leave type?
How do I set carryover for a leave type?
How do I set seniority for a leave type?Employees with higher seniority level earn more leave days.
How do I arrange a leave request setting for a specific leave type?Set the rules for requests to a spesific leave type.
How do I add waiting period to leave request in leave types?
How do I ensure the hourly calculation of leaves?Where do you activate the hourly calculation of leaves?
How do I disable leave type's request?
How do I add leave to an employee?Add leaves to the employees.
How do I edit my incorrect leave request?Can I edit a leave request that I filled in incorrectly?
How can I approve the leave request? (In app)Approve or decline the request
How do I calculate annual leaves acording to the first day of the year?
How can I edit the type of leaves that are limited during the year?
How do I delete a leave?