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How do I create a leave type limited to a year?
How do I create a leave type limited to a year?

Employees earn limited repetitive leave entitlements every year.

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  1. Click on the “Leave Days” tab on the left menu.

  2. On the leave days tab, click on the “Policies” and then select the rule which was assigned to the employees.

  3. Click on the "Add New Type & Rule" button from bottom of the page.

  4. Define the leave type's specialities then click on the "Next" button.

  5. Proceed to the "Entitlement" step.

  6. Choose the "Limit" as "Limited to year".

  7. Fill the "Days" limit employees are entitled to.

  8. Select the "Overdrawn balance" option which you prefer.

  9. Proceed to the "Accrual" step.

  10. Select the leave type's accrual preferences (Frequency - Schedule - Start Date)

  11. Proceed to the "Carryover" step.

  12. Choose what happens to employees' leave balance at the end of the accrual year.

  13. Proceed to the "Seniority" step.

  14. If employees earn additional leave days for their seniority level, click on the "Add Seniority Right" button and define the total number of days they will earn in addition to the based entitlement limit.

  15. Select the type's other settings from the next steps if you want then, click on the "Next" button from top of right and save changes.

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