1. Click on the “Leave Days” tab on the left menu.

  2. On the leave days tab, click on the “Policies” and then select the rule which was assigned to the employees.

  3. Click on the leave type which you want to set request rules.

  4. Proceed to the "Request" step.

  5. If your choice for the "entitlement" of a leave type is chosen as "Limited to year" you can define the number of days that can be requested in a row. You can choose the leave days that can be requested in a row at most and at least.

  6. You can define the leave days to be calculated daily by clicking on round hours up to the nearest half or full day, or hourly by clicking on keep hours as hours.

  7. Then, you can decide whether a message or a substitute will be required, new hires have to wait before being able to request this leave type, including public holidays and weekends in the day calculation, show the type of the leaves requested and approved under a specific leave type in the calendar.

Keywords: request rule

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