We have prepared this list in case you can not find what you are looking for regarding leaves. You can go to the topic by clicking the relevant article. The list has been prepared in a hierarchy from basic to detailed topics.

While Starting:

Edit the leave rules and the leave types

Assign the leave rule to the employees.

Uptade the leave balance of the employees.

Determine settings for the leave types:

Create a new leave type.

Edit the leave type as "paid or unpaid."

Edit the leave type as "not limited."

Edit the leave type as "limited to an event."

Edit the leave type as "limited to a year."

Set an "overdrawn balance" for a leave type.

Set "accrual" for a leave type.

Set "carrover" for a leave type.

Set "seniority" for a leave type.

Define the settings for the "Request" options for a leave type.

Add waiting period for a leave type.

Choose the calculation as "hourly or dailiy."

Disable the leave type's request.

For employee needs:

How do I request a leave?

If the leave request is incorrect...

View your leave information.

Add a leave to the employee.

Leave Approval Process:

Create different leave approval processes.

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