In our support article, you can find the calculations of the sections in the leave tab for your employees as a system administrator/unit manager.

Our sample card leave rule details are as follows.

Annual leave entitlement : 14 days

Annual leave accrual period : Accrual Start Date -> At the end of the period

Annual leave carryover : Unlimited carryover

Current Accrual Period

Calculation : If your period selection in the "Accrual" section in your leave rule and “Postpone Accrual Date” is active for unpaid leave, the unpaid leaves entered to the employee are added to the end date of the "Current Accrual Period".

Oct. 9, 2022 (Accrual Start Date) - Oct. 8, 2023 (Next Accrual Date - 1 day)

Available Leave Balance (Green Bar)

Calculation : It is the annual leave balance that the employee can use calculated according to the checked day.

Note : If the employee has annual leaves approved after the end of the "Current Accrual Period", these annual leaves are not included in the calculation.

42(Total accrued)-12(Total used)-5(Upcoming Leaves in Current Period)

Total accrued

Calculation : 14 (Annual leave entitlement) * 3 (Seniority) + 0 (Extra leaves)

Total Used (Red Bar)

Calculation : Calculation is made based on the checked day. "Upcoming Leaves in Current Period" will be added to the "Total Used" section when the annual leaves are due.

February 1, 2021 : 10 days

February 17, 2022: 1 day

December 7, 2022: 1 day

Upcoming Leaves in Current Period (Yellow Bar)

Calculation : The sum of the approved annual leave between the checked day and the end date of the "Current Accrual Period".

January 31, 2023 : 1 day

February 17, 2023: 3 days

March 1, 2023: 1 day

Period Accruals

Calculation : It calculates according to the rule in your leave rule. The calculation is made based on the checked day.

Used in Current Period

Calculation : Sum of approved annual leaves between the beginning of the "Current Accrual Period" and the day checked (future leaves are not included in this calculation).

December 7 : 1 day

Upcoming Leaves for Next Period

Calculation : It is the sum of the annual leaves approved after the end date of the employee's "Current Accrual Period".

Since there is no leave after October 8, 2023 for the employee card, the calculation appears as zero.

Total Carryovers

Calculation : The day obtained by subtracting the annual leave used from the annual leave that the employee deserves before the "Current Accrual Period".

28 (14 * 2) (annual leave entitlement before the Current Accrual Period) - 11 (annual leaves used before the "Current Accrual Period") = 17 days

February 1, 2021 : 10 days

February 17, 2022: 1 day

Available Carryovers

Calculation : Available carryover = 17 (Total carryover) - 1 (Used in Current Period)

December 7 : 1 day

Carryover Losses

Calculation : It is calculated differently according to the rule you choose. Since unlimited carryover is active for this support article, the employee has no rollover loss.

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