1. Click on the “Leave Days” tab on the left menu.

  2. Click on the “Policies” top of the menu.

  3. Select a rule that you want to duplicate then, click the “…” sign to the right of the leave rule and select “Duplicate and edit” or "Create New Policy" 

  4. You made a duplication with this selection and now you may set your options for a new county, location or field.

  5. Add the leave types with "Add New Type & Rule" button.

  6. After that step, click on the “…” icon on the right of the rule and select “Assign to employees”.

  7. From the menu that opens, select the employees and click the “Select operation” menu.

  8. On select operation menu, select “Leave Policy” then assign leave policy to selected employees.

Notice: If you assign a new rule to employees, the leave calculations for the previous leave rule will be deleted. If employees requested leave with the old rule, you should get a report, delete the records then add them with the new rule for calculation correction.

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