How do I make advanced system settings?
What are the "Request settings" in Kolay "System Settings?"These settings determine which requests can be make by employees.
What are the "Access Settings" in Kolay "System Settings?"These settings determine which information employees can access on Kolay.
Let's define the assets. (categories, asset adding, asset report)Asset management on Kolay.
How do I edit an existing workweek plan?You can update the workweek plans you have created and make changes in the working hours.
Creating additional information field: Custom FieldsYou can create fields where you can keep extra information about the employees according to your needs.
How do I determine who gets the employee termination notice?Determine the person to whom the termination notification will be sent when your employee is terminated.
What are Profile Settings in System Settings?Let's determine which information can be updated by your employees via the Mobile Application.
How do I make advanced e-mail settings?Make a decision which notifications will send to the employees.
How do I manage the employment termination reasons?Let's arrange the terminations reasons together!
How do I create a training program?It is very easy to create a training program.
How do I create a system-wide training?Define the training programs that your employees have attended.
How do I create a different holiday calendar, and assign it to the employees?Create a different holiday calendar.
What should I do to get notifications on Slack?Webhook creation on Slack.
How to create the visa document process?You can create different visa document processes for different visa types.