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Creating additional information field: Custom Fields
Creating additional information field: Custom Fields

You can create fields where you can keep extra information about the employees according to your needs.

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There are certain fields where you can enter employee information in Kolay İK (Personel İnfo, Other İnfo, etc.) but you may want to keep more information about employees. You can use Custom Fields for this need.

You can use custom fields for many different types of information. Registration number, height, weight, performance score, certificates, projects, body number, and notes you can enter are just a few examples.

How Can I Create?

  1. Click "Settings" from the left menu.

  2. On the page that opens, click on the "Other" title.

  3. Select Custom Fields.

  4. Click on the relevant field according to the criteria of the information you want to save.

You will see the Edit button on the right side of the created area.

2. Name the field here. For example; Registration Number.

3. Click the Save Changes button.

After this process, you can see the field you created under the Custom Fields title on each employee's profile card.

How can I enter information?

You can enter information manually or by data transfer.

  1. Open "Custom Fields" on the employee card. You can enter the information on the page that opens and save it from the upper right corner.

  2. To import lots of information, you can use Data Transfer.

  • You can get a report from Reports > Employee > Custom Fields.

  • You can get a report by selecting the custom fields you want on the Reports > Custom > Select Fields page.

To authorize you can turn on the relevant buttons from the Settings > Access Settings page.

*** If you delete the custom field you created from the Settings page, all information entered in this field will be deleted for all employees.

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