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How to create the visa document process?
How to create the visa document process?

You can create different visa document processes for different visa types.

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  1. Click on the "Settings" from the left menu.

  2. From the "Rules" click on the "Visa document processes."

  3. Click on the "Add new visa process".

  4. Add the names and explanations of the documents that can be requested for the visa document request with the "new" button. Upload the document with the upload icon next to the description field.

  5. If the document to be submitted needs to be updated daily, you can write in the explanation part of the document that your employees can request the document from you.

  6. After completing the arrangements save the process.

Note: Remember to define the "Head of visa operations" from the "Advanced Settings" tab in the "Settings" menu to determine who will approve visa requests.

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