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How do I start the competency-based performance evaluation process?
How do I start the competency-based performance evaluation process?

How do I start the competency-based performance evaluation process?

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  1. Open the "Performance Evaluation" application from the "Applications" tab and click the "Create New Evaluation" button.

  2. In the "General" part, type the name of the assessment you want to start.

  3. Click the "Continue" button in the top right to proceed through the stages.

  4. Make the date selections of the assessment from the "Process" screen. Performance Evaluation Period; Competency Period, where you can choose the performance evaluation dates (period) you want to measure; it is the field where you can select the date range in which competency questions are answered.

5.In the next step, you can choose the "Rating" type first.

Over 100

Over 5

Custom (You can set the scoring as you wish by entering the minimum and maximum Points.)

6.On the same page, in the field of "Companies and Weights", the selection of who will evaluate whom and the weight of each evaluator category is made. (The sum of the rater weights must be 100%.)

7.Go to the next step with "Save and Continue"

8.People to be included in the evaluation are selected from the "Participants" page. You can start adding people with the "Add Person to Evaluates" button. In the page that opens, after clicking on the "Units" field, filtering can be done from the departments, titles and branches.

9.When you make the "Competence Self" button active / green, you add the evaluated one to the assessment.

You can select the "Assign evaluators (Superior)" employee from the + icon.

You can select the "Assign evaluators (Subordinates)" employee's subordinate from the + icon.

You can select the "Assign evaluators (Peers)" for the employee's equivalent from the + icon.

*** When adding an evaluator, after selecting the person, you can select "Weight" if you want. If weight is not selected, automatic average weight will be defined in the application.

With the "Quick Settings" button on the right side of the page, you can add them in bulk according to your choices.

10. Go to the next step with "Continue" button.

11.You can add competency questions in the Questions tab. Click on the "Add competence" button, set the competency name and weight, and click the "Add" button.

12. To add questions under the competencies, click the "Add Question" button next to the competence you created. On the page that opens, determine the target audience, answer type and weight of the question. Write the question and click the "Add" button.

13. On the Publish page, you will see the details of the assessment you have created as a summary. After reviewing the information, Publish the review by clicking the "Publish Evaluation" button.

*** If there is an error in your review, the "Continue Creating the Evaluation" button appears instead of the publish button. You should check your evaluation settings first. (Errors are often confused on the "Participants" screen.)

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