1. Click on the "Applications" tab, then click on "Performance Evaluation"

  2. Click on the "Create New Evaluation" button

  3. Then, choose the evaluation type

4. Fill in the name of the evaluation. Then, click on the Continue button

5. Performance Evaluation Period shows that the period you want to measure. For example; I want to measure the Q4 period. Therefore, I will choose the date 1 October-31 December

6. Select the Goal Entry and Approval Period

7. Select the Goal Result Entry and Approval Period. Then, click on the Save and Continue button in the upper-right section

8. Select the who will enter and approve the goals and the goal results;

Bottom-to-top: Employees enter the goal and goal results

Top-to-bottom: First managers enter the goals and goal results on behalf of their employees

**First Manager is the affiliated manager of employees on the career section and organizational chart

9. Click on the Add Evaluatees button

10. All of your employees will be listed, click on the little box next to the employees you want to evaluate, then click the Add button

When you use the Units filter on the page, the employees will be added according to the company units

11. When you click on the Save and End button;

On the Publish page, you will see the details of the assessment you have created as a summary. After reviewing the information, Publish the review by clicking the "Publish Evaluation" button.

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