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How do I view my leaves and past leaves?
How do I view my leaves and past leaves?
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1 -Click the "My Profile" section at the bottom of the left menu and enter your profile.

2-Click on "Leaves" from the top tab.

3-In the window that opens, you can view the leaves you have used, the leaves you have requested for a future date, and your current balance.

Available Leave Balance: It is your current, available, requestable leave total.

Current Accrual Period: It is the date range calculated according to the employee's leave rule and unpaid leave postponement rule.

Upcoming Leaves in Period: it is the approved leaves with a future date within the current period on the yellow bar.

Used in Current Period: It is the total annual leaves used by you, in the date range.

What is the purpose of the filters at the upper right corner?

From these two filter fields, you can see your requests for various leave types such as Annual Leave, Paternity Leave, Military Leave, Marriage Leave, Unpaid Leave; you can also specify your year selection from the other filtering field next to it.

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