Data Import: Custom Fields

You can create custom fields in employee cards and import data into them by using our template.

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You can add any extra employee information in custom fields. Besides, you can import data into the custom fields you create by using the data import template.

Here are the steps you need to follow for this:

  1. Create the custom fields you need by following the Settings> Custom Fields steps.

  2. Then download the data import template and add columns by using the same title you have created for the custom fields. You should pay attention to the characters used in the cells as the data import process is case sensitive.

  3. Add relevant information for each employee in the columns you have created and save.

  4. Upload the template you saved to the system by activating the "Only Update Mode" option via "Settings > Data Import> Employee Information > Upload File" steps.

  5. Each field you create is displayed under the heading "Custom Fields" in employee cards.

ATTENTION: When you remove the boxes in the custom fields section in the settings, the relevant custom field data is also deleted from the employee cards.

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