Data Import/Update: Salary

You can use our "Sample Import Template" to update your employees' salary information in Kolay IK.

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You can follow the steps below to update the salary information of employees in Kolay IK, with data import.

  1. Download the sample import template from Settings > Data Import > Employee Information > Download Template.

  2. Fill in the columns containing First Name - Last Name - ID Number - Salary Information in the Excel file you downloaded. Delete any empty columns.

  3. While entering the salary information, the amount of the wage must be written. No punctuation marks should be used. If there is only a penny in the salary information, it should be entered with a dot. For example; the employee's salary must be written as 3000.25.

    The Salary information you will update is updated based on the employee's employment date. The salary date is recorded as the employments start date.

    If the employees have side expenses, you can fill in the Road Cost - Food Cost sections.

    Why do I have to fill in the First Name - Last Name - ID Number - Salary Information?

    • The system matches the records based on this information and ensures that the transmission is flawless.

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