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How will employees view their account when they log in to Kolay IK? What information do they see?

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Employee access type users can view their information as follows when they log in to Kolay IK; How do I view my profile?

You can limit the access to the information that the employee can view according to the selections you make on the "Settings > Access Settings" and "Applications > Time Management > Settings" pages.

An employee displays their Home Page as follows (assuming access to all areas on the Access Settings page)

* Calendar menu will not be visible to employees if access to the Calendar is not granted.

* Leave Requests, Transaction Requests, and Overtime Requests fields are only shown to that employee if they are in the approval process, otherwise, they cannot see these headings.

On the Employees page, they can see the registered email address of the employees registered in the account and their phone number if you provide access from the "Settings > Access Settings" page. Unit information will appear based on the selection in "Advanced Settings".

Your employees can view the Apps page as below according to the apps you are using.

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