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What is the Unit Manager access type?
What is the Unit Manager access type?
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A unit manager is someone who can carry out transactions on the employees, involved in his/her own branch.

***To be able to choose the employee name for the unit manager access, the employee must have this unit on his/her career page.

The unit managers can do the following transactions for the employees in their units:

  1. Adding a new employee or terminate an employee

  2. Editing every section that belongs to the employee. For example;
    Personal Info
    Other Info
    Custom Fields
    Visa Documents

  3. A unit manager can add/delete/edit a leave

  4. Adding an asset

  5. A unit manager can see Custom Fields (if you allow him/her from Settings>Access Settings page)

It is optional to show them;

  1. Payment and Salary section

  2. Reports, which belong to their own units

In order to assign a unit manager you can read: How can I assign a unit manager?

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