Kolay IK has an area where you can create folders and add files to these folders.

  1. After logging into your panel, click on the "Employees" tab and select the relevant employee's card

  2. On the page that opens, click the "Other" button, then "Files" from the tabs above. This is the area where you can keep the documents belonging to the relevant employee and you can share files between the employee and yourself. It is an area where you can share files between the employee and yourself by allowing this employee, whenever you want.

  3. Use the "Create Folder" and "Upload File" options and select the relevant documents from your computer and upload them to the panel.

If you want the employee to have access to this area as well;

  1. Follow Settings > System Settings > Access Settings.

  2. Please check the "Files" box under the Profile section that employees can enter on the "My Profile" page.

  3. Whenever you want, you can follow the same steps, uncheck the box and click "Save" to close this area to the employee's access.

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