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Let's delete Demo Account (Demo) employees
Let's delete Demo Account (Demo) employees

You've had enough time with demo employees on Kolay, now it's time to delete them before adding your real employees.

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Deleting demo workers in Kolay IK is pretty simple.

Before starting, you should pay attention to two points;

  1. For security, when experimenting with demo employees, you should not enter data from your real workers.

  2. When you reset your account, all your demo employees will be deleted.

How to delete the demo employees:

  1. Click on the "Reset Account" button that appears in the upper right corner when you log in to your account and confirm this process.

  2. If you have reset your account but there are still demo employees on the "Employees" tab, you should refresh the page. (You can do it by clicking F5 in most internet browsers)

Note: If you want to reset your existing data, contact the specialist responsible for your company.

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