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Let's create Workweek Plans.
Let's create Workweek Plans.

Define a working schedule for your employees.

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Why should you add a workweek plan to an employee?

  • Leaves, overtime works, and workdays are calculated according to the workweek plans. For this reason, you should organize your work schedule according to your working hours and days.

  • If employees work with different schedules, you can add a new workweek plan for them.

How do you add a working day calendar?

  • When you create your account, one "workweek plan" comes into default. You can edit it or add a new one.

  1. Go to the "Settings" from the left navigation bar.

  2. Click on the "Rules" on top then select the "Workweek Plans."

  3. Click on the "..." icon from the right of the default schedule and select "Edit" or click on the "Add Workweek Plan" to create a new schedule.

  4. Edit working days and working hours then "Save."

  5. When the editing ends, you should add this calendar to the employees. This article can help you with adding.

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