How can I add an employee?
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It is very easy to incorporate your employees into the application. You can add your employees in two different ways:

  1. With data transfer templates, you can transfer the employee and asset information and leaves of your employees. 

  2. You can manually add a new employee. To do this;

    1. Go to the “Employees” page.

    2. Click on the “Add new employee” button on the right.

    3. Fill in the employee information on the drop-down page and click on the “Save” button on the right.

    4. When you click on the “…” icon on the employee’s card, you will see the "Send Invitation" tab.

      *If you do not see the "send invitation" option, you have not saved the mail information.

    5. When you send an invitation to the employee, they will receive an invitation link to their e-mail address. The employee can create a password there and start using Kolay.

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