What is the custom fields section?

You can use custom fields if you want to keep information other than those on employee cards. After creating a custom field, you will see a new field named "custom fields" in the top menu inside employee cards. This information will be listed in this area.

In what formats can I create custom fields?

Date Field

File Upload

Radio Group


Text Field

Text Area

How do I create a custom field?

  1. Click on the "Settings" from the left menu.

  2. Click on the "Other" from the top menu and then select "Custom Fields."

  3. Click on the format which you want you use.

  4. Double-click the created custom field box on the right side of the section and name the field.

  5. Don't forget to click on the "Save changes" button.

  6. You will see the "Custom fields" inside of the employee cards. You can fill the information about that area on there.

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